BMS Band Grade 6

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Welcome to the Band Program!

            We are delighted that you and your son/daughter have decided to be involved in our instrumental music program.  In the course of the next few days, I will be demonstrating and discussing the various band instruments with the students.  The Sixth Grade Instrumental Program consists of group lessons that are given during the school day as part of the regular school curriculum.
            On September 6th, 2011 at 7:00 P.M. the instrument rental companies will make presentations in the Burrillville Middle School cafeteria for those of you who do not already own their own instruments.  I have made arrangements with two instrument suppliers to provide us with approved quality instruments on a rental basis.  Parents may rent the instruments for as long as they wish, with all rental payments applied to the purchase price.  In order to get the students playing, as soon as possible, the companies will have instruments available for you to take directly from the meeting.  A rental deposit is necessary to take the instrument with you.  Be prepared to bring a check and/or a credit card with you in order to ensure that your student has an instrument to participate.   Instruments may be returned, at any time, with no obligation.
            The book we will be using is the Essential Elements 2000 Vol.1.  This book is available through the rental companies or from me.  The cost is $16.00 for percussion and $8.00 for all other instruments.
            If you cannot attend the meeting but still wish to receive more information about the instrument rental program, please contact Mr. Coggeshall by phone or email before the instrument rental night.  Alternative arrangements will be made for your son/daughter.
Again, welcome to the program, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to call the number above or just send an email.

 Mr. Coggeshall

Instrument Suppliers
Rick’s Musical Instruments- 658-3404
Robert’s Music- 823-5459

Feel free to give them a call prior to the meeting for more information.





Students are required to record the number of minutes they practice each day in the form of a practice chart.. Parents are required to sign the practice chart. Practice charts are due every Monday.


Click below to get a BMS Band Practice Chart

Practice Chart