Making Your Band

This is your chance to create your own original band. As a founder of this band there are many issues to consider. You're going to need some members, a name, instruments, a budget for instruments, some gigs playing concerts, recording equipment, and a presentation promoting your band.

Step 1

Choose a band mate (partner). Decide who your other band members will be. Remember you need a vocalist, a lead guitar, a rhythm guitar, a bass guitar, a drummer and maybe keyboards. In Word please tell me who your members will be and what they will play. Also give me a short biography of each member. If you can't think of any friends you may use fictitious members. Give the band a name. Print and give to Mr. C. (20 PTS)

Step 2

Step you have been given $10,000 dollars by a very rich, music loving, entrepreneur. Create a document detailing your budget. I need to know the brand name of instruments and equipment, the cost, and the total amount spent. Remember you will also amplifiers, sound fx equipment, and a PA for singing. Print budget and give to Mr. C (Hint... use Excel and make cells for Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Keyboard and Other)(20 PTS)

Use the link to help find instruments

Step 3

Now that you have a band and equipment create a schedule detailing your practice time and concert schedule. Remember that you should always have at least one practice before a concert. This is obviously ficticious but pretend that it is real. Remember not to schedule too many concerts in a row. Pactice time is also very inportant. Your schedule be a span of 3 months. Using Excel is also strongly recommended. Print schedule and give to Mr. C. (20 PTS)

Step 4

Now that your band is playing gigs and is becoming popular your fans are going to want a CD. The same music loving entrepreneur is so please with your progress that you are given an additional $3000 for recording equipment. Create another budget. Use the link above to help you. Print and give to Mr. C. (20 PTS)

Step 5

Using the RAISE writing outline form please write a paragraph answering the question "Why were The Beatles so important to growth of American Pop Music?"


You have 5-6 classes to complete this assignment... it will count for the second quarter.